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An Interview with Astrid Newell on Envisioning the Best Possible Future for Children

Over the last decade, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of early childhood.  In Whatcom County, community leaders have prioritized a focus on young children and families as part of the Whatcom County Community Health Improvement process, recognizing that investing in our youngest children from the start is the most effective approach to improve health, reduce disparities, and advance health equity. Organizations, community leaders and individuals in Whatcom County have heard the call to action to invest in young children and have responded.  The Opportunity Council and Whatcom County Health Department sponsored a Future Search Conference to focus participants on identifying future aspirations and determining what they are ready and willing to do individually and collectively to support young children and families in Whatcom County. Astrid Newell, Community Health Manager for the Whatcom County Health Department sat down with us to share about the conference and Generations Forward: Envisioning a Future Where All […]

Is a Food Prescription Program on the Horizon in Whatcom County?

There is a long line stretched out the door and around the corner. Some people standing by themselves, others with another family member, all there for the same reason. The staff and volunteers are busily taking inventory, refilling bins or assisting with quantity allotments all with a friendly demeanor and smile. I’m standing in the middle of a large room that looks like a grocery store except with less dry goods and advertised product placement screaming for attention. There is a refrigerator with milk and eggs along the wall, on the outside of the refrigerator door is a sign with no words but color coded numbers. Along the perimeter of the room are proteins and dry goods each with the same color coded numbers. In the center, much like a grocery store, are bins with fresh produce. The Bellingham Food Bank (BFB) serves 3,100 people from Bellingham every single week and the need to provide food […]

April brings tulips and SAAM

If you have been feeling like we have this spring (cold, soggy, ready for more than two days in a row of sunshine) perhaps you have also welcomed the warmth of fresh cut flowers into your office. Vibrant tulips in April, especially on gray days, bring a form of clarity and reassurance that summer is on its way. April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and at Chuckanut Health Foundation we are committed to the sexual violence public health approach to reduce the affects of sexual violence in our community. We believe we can all have a role in preventing sexual violence by promoting a norm of consent and respect. When we collectively hold attitudes, and values that consent is the norm, we can decrease the likelihood of sexual violence behavior in our community. Recently, we came across a study that shows high awareness among U.S. Adults on what constitutes Sexual Assault. The study […]

Our Treehouse supports children, teens and families grieving a loss of a loved one

At Chuckanut Health Foundation we have been a proud supporter of the very important programs that Our Treehouse provides for our community. Our Treehouse is a safe environment where children and their families grieving a death can share their experiences and help them heal. We believe in the mission of Our Treehouse and the community health impact it has on Whatcom County that falls under our Healthy Children & Families strategic priorities. This video created by Real World Media Inc., tells the story of why Our Treehouse is such an important program for children, teens and families who have lost a loved one. Visit their website to learn more about Our Treehouse. Please follow and like us: