CHF Announces $151,000 in Grants to 14 Local Non-Profit Organizations

Awards made from Chuckanut Health Foundation’s April 1st, 2018 grant cycle to local partner organizations means thousands of people in Whatcom County will benefit from a variety of needed services.  Alzheimer Society of Washington: $7,000 to support the 32nd Annual Caregivers Conference  Bellingham Mountain Rescue: $1,073 to upgrade communications equipment  Catholic Community Services NW: $20,000 to provide supplies for new Hope House Common Threads Farm: $14,065 to support Kids Supper Club for low-income apartment complexes  Our Treehouse: $3,000 as a matching fund and $2,000 as a sponsor for Century Bike Run Sustainable Connections: $5,000 to support the Bellingham for Everyone Program United Way of Whatcom County: $4,500 to support Project Homeless Connect  Unity Care NW: $1,000 to support the Annual Dinner event  Wild Whatcom: $9,600 to support the HOWL project  Whatcom Rowing Association: $1,500 as a matching fund Whatcom Community College: $11,790 for equipment in Nursing […]

CHF Awards $17,000 in Health Professional Scholarships

Chuckanut Health Foundation (CHF) awarded ten scholarships totaling $17,000 this year. Two of the students receiving CHF scholarships are returning applicants, while three others are new awardees. Scholarships may be renewed up to three years and each is $1,500. The scholarships are awarded annually through CHF’s Lois Jean Roberts Memorial Nursing Scholarship program. The program is named after the wife of James Roberts, former executive director of St. Luke’s Foundation (now Chuckanut Health Foundation). Students are selected on criteria that aligns with the goal of promoting and expanding opportunities for qualified students to attend and complete their nursing education, whether an RN or BSN degree. In addition to direct scholarship awards to students, CHF has committed $1,500 to support health professionals at local colleges with five standing scholarships:  two at Bellingham Technical College (BTC), one at Western Washington University (WWU), and two at Whatcom Community College (WCC). CHF’s $3,000 grant […]

An Interview with Astrid Newell on Envisioning the Best Possible Future for Children

Over the last decade, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of early childhood.  In Whatcom County, community leaders have prioritized a focus on young children and families as part of the Whatcom County Community Health Improvement process, recognizing that investing in our youngest children from the start is the most effective approach to improve health, reduce disparities, and advance health equity. Organizations, community leaders and individuals in Whatcom County have heard the call to action to invest in young children and have responded.  The Opportunity Council and Whatcom County Health Department sponsored a Future Search Conference to focus participants on identifying future aspirations and determining what they are ready and willing to do individually and collectively to support young children and families in Whatcom County. Astrid Newell, Community Health Manager for the Whatcom County Health Department sat down with us to share about the conference and Generations Forward: Envisioning a Future Where All […]

CHF is Now Accepting Grant Applications Due by October 1st

We are currently accepting grant applications for our October 1st grant cycle. We seek proposals for projects and programs which benefit the people of Whatcom County and show active partnerships with other organizations on an identified community health need that leverages the impact of our support. If your organization is interested in applying for a major or strategic impact grant, please submit a letter of inquiry outlining the basic proposal (one page) to Sue Sharpe by September 20th, 2017. If there is mutual interest in pursuing the proposal, completion of a formal grant request will be recommended. The following are a few examples of programs and projects that have made a meaningful impact: support grieving children, teens and families, housing for homeless youth, end-of-life caregiver support, avalanche safety equipment, opiate abuse prevention education materials, and school drop-out prevention programs. For more information on grants awarded during our April grant cycle visit […]

CHF Awards $258,00 to Fourteen Local Nonprofits

A total of $258,000 was awarded to fourteen local nonprofits as a part of CHF’s April 1st grant cycle. Grant recipients were selected due to the vital services they provide that strengthen and advance individual and community health throughout Whatcom County. Interfaith Coalition received a $20,000 matching grant to support Family Promise, a shelter and support program for local families who are experiencing homelessness. The Coalition’s vision is a community of many faiths working together to eliminate homelessness and poverty in Whatcom County, to fill gaps in human services and to meet housing and other needs of marginalized people. Family Promise is a national network committed to addressing the needs of a growing number of families experiencing homelessness and the factors that perpetuate poverty. The Family Promise model is active in 200 communities. The grant awarded supports Interfaith Coalition’s goal of establishing a day center for up to 14 family […]

Dear Friends

In 2015 and 2016, Chuckanut Health Foundation invested more than $800,000 to advance the critical health needs of our community. This Annual Report highlights some of the programs and partners that strengthen and advance community health. By joining us in this work you are supporting: Healthy, Children, Youth & Families – Because our future depends on it; Healthy Living Grants – Even small lifestyle changes make a lifelong difference; Healthy Aging Initiatives – Because we all deserve aging options that support our independence, health and wellbeing; Community Emergency Service Response – Because being prepared can’t wait; Health Services Access & Capacity and Health Education & Scholarships – So caring professionals are there for you, your family and your community We are inspired by the programs and partners in our community that we work with daily to achieve a healthier Whatcom County and are grateful for the the friends and supporters […]

Is a Food Prescription Program on the Horizon in Whatcom County?

There is a long line stretched out the door and around the corner. Some people standing by themselves, others with another family member, all there for the same reason. The staff and volunteers are busily taking inventory, refilling bins or assisting with quantity allotments all with a friendly demeanor and smile. I’m standing in the middle of a large room that looks like a grocery store except with less dry goods and advertised product placement screaming for attention. There is a refrigerator with milk and eggs along the wall, on the outside of the refrigerator door is a sign with no words but color coded numbers. Along the perimeter of the room are proteins and dry goods each with the same color coded numbers. In the center, much like a grocery store, are bins with fresh produce. The Bellingham Food Bank (BFB) serves 3,100 people from Bellingham every single week and the need to provide food […]

Acts of kindness and making things happen

Have you ever wondered what our world would be like if every single one of us gave without ever expecting anything in return? Do you wonder what our world would be like if we all gave selflessly? Over the last thirty-five years, Chuckanut Health Foundation has had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know very generous people in our community. They are philanthropists in the truest sense of the word. These are the kind of people that see a need, find out what it would take to solve the problem and then make it happen. They are the individuals that can inspire others to give without ever needing to hear a success story or get a thank you. One person who has had that kind of impact is Mike Hammes, CEO of RAM Construction in Whatcom County and a board member at Chuckanut Health Foundation. The video above (orignally aired on King 5 news) shares the story […]

Homelessness on Winter Solstice, longest night of the year

As you know, December 21st marks the first day of Winter, the Winter Solstice which is the shortest day of the year and longest night of the year. This day can be a day of celebration for many knowing that tomorrow starts the beginning of days with more sun, as the sun will begin to set a little later each day. For others, the longest night of the year can be difficult. In an effort to bring about awareness to homelessness the National Health Care for the Homeless Council has called on constituents to organize a memorial service on December 21st to remember those that have died due to homelessness. The Whatcom County Coalition to End Homelessness will host our local candlelight vigil at Bellingham City Hall at 5pm tonight. Whatcom County currently has 719 individuals experiencing homelessness. There are a number of local non-profits that are working towards bringing about awareness, […]