We are privileged to have worked with so many amazing community partners on so many life changing projects. The following quotes are a testament to the impact we can have when we work together.

We can’t thank you enough for your support of this project. We are excited to be able to fill the gap in our services to women and children – allowing us to provide support for the whole family, all while continuing to help women become better mothers and giving them the opportunity to start a new life! Thank you for investing in the lives of women and children in our community; your support brings us all the closer to the goal of building a Childcare Center!
Ronald Buchinski
Executive Director, Lighthouse Mission

The success of the Parish Nurse Program could not have happened without the help of St. Luke’s Foundation.
Rev. Dick Cathell
Ph.D., Chaplain

Interfaith Community Health Center is proud to be a creation and reflection of Whatcom County. While much has changed in the past 30 years in the county and at the Health Center, our mutual interdependence continues. We are proud to have your support, as we work to meet our community’s needs in the next 30 years.
Gib Clarke
Director of Planning and Development, Interfaith Community Health Center

I am a client of Northwest Youth Services and I want to thank all of the donors to NWYS, including you, because your gift impacts the clients in many ways. I really appreciate the clothes, food, cleaning supplies and many other things I and others can use it.
NWYS Youth

Your gift offers hope and promise to people in need. As one dad told us about living in Interfaith Family Housing, “We understand living here is not a fix for the rest of our lives, but it’s a big help in getting us where we want to be. It’s a blessing to have people believe in us.”
Laura DeRose Harker
Executive Director, Interfaith Coalition

Whatcom County Youth Soccer Association greatly appreciates the grant awarded to our TOP Soccer Program! Your support will enable our organization to provide a wonderful and enriching program for our special needs players at no cost to their families.
Lance Calloway
Whatcom County Youth Soccer Association

You have been a strong supporter of Emergency Medical Services in Whatcom County, standing by as a pillar and resource supporting continuing improvement in the pre-hospital setting.
Dawn Cannizzaro
Whatcom County EMS

When this community is committed to a project, anything is possible. The Bellingham Food Bank was struggling with how to meet the growing needs of those who go hungry in Whatcom County. You joined other community partners to ensure we have the space we need to meet the need. Thank you.
Mike Cohen
Bellingham Food Bank

WAHA has a track record of bringing all parties to the table to tackle the challenge of access to health coverage and care for everyone in our community. With leading support from you, WAHA partnered to create a ‘No Wrong Door’ for children and adults needing healthcare services and insurance.
Regina Delahunt
Director of Whatcom County Health Department and WAHA Board President