Eleanor and Henry Jansen Foundation

Operation School Bell, grantee of Jansen Foundation

Operation School Bell, grantee of Jansen Foundation


The Eleanor & Henry Jansen Foundation, a supporting organization of Chuckanut Health Foundation, was founded in 1998 to honor the legacy of philanthropy shown by Eleanor & Henry Jansen in their lifetime. This foundation offers support to 501 (c)(3) agencies and organizations in Whatcom County for various programs and projects, especially those with a focus on youth. The Board meets quarterly.

Please see below for the Foundation’s Grant Guidelines.

Applications are taken quarterly, deadlines are January 10th, April 10th, July 10th, and October 10th.

For further information, please call the Foundation office at (360) 671-3349.

Jansen Foundation Grant Guidelines

  1. While the Board does not exclude requests from a broad geographical area, especially areas of interest to Lynden Inc. and family members, the focus will be on Whatcom County requests and programs.

  2. An occasional grant for overhead/administrative expenses may be considered, but the primary focus will be on projects that touch a number of people in the Whatcom County area.

  3. Special consideration will be given to projects that were important to Eleanor and Henry Jansen during their lifetime.

  4. As our next generation of leaders, the youth of this community will receive priority when considering grant requests.

  5. Local organizations that meet the Foundation’s Guidelines and have a substantial volunteer base should emphasize this in their grant application.

  6. The Foundation is concerned that organizations look to all sources available for funding. Applicants should list their financial support sources and other parties from whom they are requesting and/or receiving funds. Projects that are requesting partial funding, with the remaining funds to come from other matching sources, are encouraged.

  7. In general, the Foundation does not award grants for projects that have already been completed.

  8. No grant requests will be accepted within 14 days of the next scheduled Board meeting. For information on scheduled meetings, applicants should contact the Foundation office at 360-671-3349.