Our vision

A vibrant community where every child gets a healthy start and every person receives the care they need throughout their lifetime.

Our mission

Investing experience and resources to strengthen and advance individual and community health.

Our values

Optimism: Change is possible, We believe we make a difference and can do better. We make an active choice in each situation to look at what is possible and how we can have a meaningful impact.

Relational: We collaborate as we seek solutions. We value every individual. We live and function as a community and we believe we cannot accomplish what we want alone, transparency is required. If everyone participates, we create a strong foundation for success.

Responsibility: We do what we say we will do. You can count on us to follow through and deliver. We anticipate needs, organize around them and make adjustments as we address them. We do our due diligence. We are dependable, accountable and responsive.


We invest in generational impact.

The girl I have on probation…has had a tough go of it in life. In & out of foster care, unable to form attachments. Her response to being rejected has been to reject the care that others have offered. Since connecting with your program [Animals as Natural Therapy], I have observed a new empathy in this youth. Now her focus seems to be on identifying how she feels, why she feels that way & how to self-soothe herself. It's impressive that she articulates these things & that she sees the benefit of letting down her guard & accepting help.”

— Probation Officer for 16-year-old, on impact of Animals as Natural Therapy, one of Chuckanut’s partner organizations


Our vision is bold. Our mission is practical. Our values are unwavering. This has been the case since opening our doors over 35 years ago. And it will be the case for the next 35 years.

Today, Chuckanut Health Foundation, formerly St. Luke’s Foundation, is the only organization in Whatcom County focused exclusively on investing to strengthen and advance individual and community health.

Since we first opened our doors, we have invested over $16 million in hundreds of health-related programs, projects, and health education activities. We are proud of our legacy and excited about our future.