St. Luke’s Foundation Changes Name to Chuckanut Health Foundation

In order to better reflect the work we do and why we do it, we have changed our name. Our name may have changed, but our mission, vision and values remain the same.

Chuckanut Health Foundation—a name for the next 30 years

St. Luke’s Foundation was created in 1983 with proceeds from the sale of St. Luke’s Hospital, a local community hospital that served the Bellingham community for nearly 100 years. For 30 years, the Foundation has honored that heritage by investing over $15 million in the critical health needs of Whatcom County and its people.

Over those 30 years, much has changed. The community has grown, as have its needs. To meet the dynamic changes taking place throughout our community, the board of St. Luke’s Foundation spent time in 2013 clarifying our mission, vision and values. During this process, we realized our name was a barrier to our ability to meet our mission and fulfil our vision. For many newcomers and younger adults, there is no longer a familiar association between the Foundation and St. Luke’s Hospital.

In order to be successful moving forward, the board decided we needed to find a name that clearly communicated our focus on health and our values as a foundation, while maintaining a strong connection to our sense of place, rich history and experience.

With the help of many thoughtful individuals representing the diverse interests and needs of our community, we decided on the name Chuckanut Health Foundation.

The name is readily recognizable, while also reflecting a unique and defining natural feature of Whatcom County and the Pacific Northwest. To us, it inspires a beautiful and natural image of health, and a solid connection to the community we serve.  The Chuckanut Mountains are the only part of the North Cascades range that reaches the water, the mountains and sea are clearly distinguishing features of our region’s natural beauty and Chuckanut sandstone is literally the foundation for much of the region’s buildings.

Our roots are important to us, and we will preserve a historical connection to St. Luke’s Hospital. Keeping that part of our legacy alive is of paramount importance to us as we would not be here had it not been for St. Luke’s Hospital.

The next 30 years will bring a new set of challenges. We are prepared, as Chuckanut Health Foundation, to meet those challenges with solutions that are bold, practical, and sustainable. We are investing today for a healthier tomorrow.  We hope you will join us.

Heather Flaherty